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About Me

Dr. Rumala comes from humble beginnings and this has fueled her unwavering commitment to innovation, equity, health equity, tech equity, diversity, and systems transformation. She has interdisciplinary expertise and earned her PhD and 3 Master's degrees from Columbia University, served as a Fogarty-Fulbright and Harvard Fellow and previously as a senior consultant for the United Nations. For more than twenty years, she has served as a change agent in the public, private, academic, and international sectors. Dr. Rumala is an authority on creative non-traditional interdisciplinary approaches for solutions and implementation. Having earned a certificate in international cybersecurity threats, Dr. Rumala’s interests have also been expanded into cybersecurity, tech equity, and health equity given the ongoing vulnerabilities in information, data, and cyber infrastructure that impacts global and local populations, many of whom do not have the resources or policies in place for protection. Dr. Rumala has lived experience of the ongoing challenges of severe inequities and the detrimental impacts to individuals and communities, specifically historically oppressed populations. This is unacceptable to her and should not be the norm. She has had global experiences in stable regions as well as regions impacted by war, conflict, and instability, including Iraq where she worked for the United Nations. Dr. Rumala continues to be passionately involved in initiatives for health equity, social justice, community engagement, community based participatory research, the arts, interprofessional/interdisciplinary collaborations, mentoring, and intersection of cyber infrastructure with equity and health equity. She is committed to all thriving and not just surviving.

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